Writers run on caffeine

This is a prevalent stereotype, but a self-perpetuating one as writers talk about how many cups of coffee they drank while drafting their manuscript, or cozying up with a book and some tea. I would like to share my experience with a product called the Barisieur. I am not getting paid for this opinion, I'm … Continue reading Writers run on caffeine

A Villanelle for Opportunity

After going so long without a post, I was going to make today's title "Did you Miss Me?" And play on Moriarty to talk about villains and their relationship to the heroes of their stories. Then I wrote a poem for the Opportunity rover instead. It's a villanelle, which sounds a little like villain. A … Continue reading A Villanelle for Opportunity

Money in Fantasy

How do your characters pay for their bread and salt, cart and pony, and all the other goods and services that populate your world? If you’re writing a contemporary urban fantasy, you may be able to stick to familiar currencies, as your characters will generally use the same dollars, pounds, yen, or whatever the prevailing … Continue reading Money in Fantasy

Magic Systems

Brandon Sanderson just announced that his outlining of Stormlight Archive books 4 and 5 is now 25% complete. As one of the largest pieces of his Cosmere universe, it ties together several threads begun in his other books. All of this reminded me of his philosophy that your ability to solve problems with your magic … Continue reading Magic Systems